Инструкции по сбору herofactory

инструкции по сбору herofactory
Практически каждая модель данной серии может иметь двигательную функцию, а с помощью серии Роботы – можно программировать определенные программы выполнения. Witch abuses the beast and controls his mind with his Skull Staff and the corrupted Quaza spike. The Heroes, with the information given by Professor Zib, conclude that the excessive mining of the Quaza has made the planet unstable, destroying it from its core.

Все конструкторы Лего можно разделить на несколько групп: Самый простой вариант конструктора — это наборы кирпичиков разных цветов и размеров. Breez discovers that the monsters communicate with each other, while Stormer and Furno get kidnapped. The team discovers that Aldous Witch has turned into the Witch Doctor and has taken Rocka hostage. Ogrum — A plant ogre under the control of the Brains. Splitface — A schizophrenic criminal with a split personality. Scarox — Formerly a Dune Crawler, transformed into venomous creature under the direction of the Brains.

Nex concludes that it would only be able to transport three Heroes. Thornraxx — An aggressive insectoid from a hive planet. The Heroes realize the best idea is to form a Hero Cell to protect themselves using their Hero Cores.

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