Инструкция на супра650

инструкция на супра650
The compressor draws this vapor out of the accumulator through a pick-up tube which is equipped with a metering orifice. Before servicing refrigeration unit, make sure the main power switch is on the OFF position. With the default screen showing on the display, the up or down ARROW key may be pressed to bring the set point to the desired reading.

Before the next starting sequence, the oil pressure and alternator auxiliary input is checked to insure that the engine is not running. Under normal operating conditions, the coolant in the engine and radiator is under high pressure and is very hot. Want to add more boom to your sound system? Features and Benefits: Low engine and compressor RPMs for fuel economy and reduced wear and tear. For example; part number 100-2MGT-04 denotes a 2mm pitch, 100mm pitch length and 4mm width. При смещении от начального места установки на 1мм., а этого не видно невооруженным глазом… сама матрица лопнула при установки на нее следующих деталей.

Low — 1800 to 1850 3. Check and clean air filter. 650/750/950 High: 2200—2250 4. Check all belts. Enter Set Point and change Functional Parameters to match the requirements of the load. 2.4.9 Defrost Cycle Defrost is an independent cycle overriding cooling and heating functions to de-ice the evaporator as required. Should you experience a unit problem with your refrigeration unit during transit, follow your company’s emergency procedure or contact the nearest Carrier Transicold service center. The receiver serves as a liquid reservoir when there are surges due to load changes in the system; as a storage space when pumping down the system and as a liquid seal against the entrance of refrigerant gas into the liquid line. With the unit running, frontseat the suction service valve and pull a vacuum in the compressor crankcase. SLOWLY crack the suction gauge manifold valve and oil will flow through the suction service valve into the compressor.

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