Автомагнитола dvd kenwood dnx-520 vbt инструкция

автомагнитола dvd kenwood dnx-520 vbt инструкция
Display the Special Device List screen Select a model name 1 Displays the searched Bluetooth unit. [Search] Searches for a Bluetooth unit. Display the Equalizer screen Display the Equalizer screen > > > > Touch [ [Equalizer]. (page 54) Touch [ [Equalizer]. (page 54) Set each item Display the Tone Control screen Set the Tone [SystemQ] Selects an equalizer curve type. Selects a language you use for the speech and menus.

Display the playback screen [2], [3], [5], [∞] Scrolls the screen in the direction you touch. How to display the Source Select screen The Source Select screen appears. The function of the [FNC] button can be changed to the display off Turns the display Off.* 1 sec. function. Page 66: Screen Adjustment, Registering Bluetooth Unit (page 41). cannot be registered by normal register (pairing) operation. ⁄ • A new device cannot be registered if there are already 5 Bluetooth units registered. Hands-Free operation SMS messages are not displayed correctly. ☞ Turn off the unit and turn it back on. DNX520VBT… Page 81: Help?

Сервисный центр KENWOOD в Украине Сервисный центр MAGNAT в Украине КАТАЛОГ ТОВАРОВ KENWOOD (для автомобиля) KENWOOD (для дома) MAGNAT (для автомобиля) MAGNAT (для дома) Архив ПОДПИСКА НА НОВОСТИ. This is effective only when you are using a Dolby Digital software. Easy Control screen Buttons on the Easy Control screen [∞] Changes the function as follows by touching the [∞] button.

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