Лего техник 42011 42010 инструкция

лего техник 42011 42010 инструкция
They come pre-assembled, were not designed to be dismantled and could be connected to both standard LEGO bricks and the LEGO Technic parts.Today’s Technic LEGO sets typically include special pieces such as gears, axles, beams, plates, pneumatic pieces, electric motors, and pins. You can see them at official web of this project and of course you can download building instructions for them there too. This article is in need of an update. Links for downloading PDFs are placed in heading of page index of exact instruction.

They are the kind of toy that will last forever. Gallery is working in trial run with limited number of pictures now. I’m gonna supplement more pictures in future. They are fun for all ages, very sturdy, and an easy way to learn a different way to design and build LEGO cars. Finished model features these functions: front and rear axle steering, jib lifting, bucket tilting, gearbox for switching between functions operated by exhaust pipe and easily removable bucket that might be replaced by forks.

Over 80% of voters want to know my story and it makes me very happy. This video shows you how finished motor boat works. Heve got my permission and now you can see pictures of this plane with short description in issue 011 on page 70.During last month I built plane and T-Rex trike from set 5763. Building instructions for plane are already available here. After few failed attempts and incoming snowfalls I decided to build snow cat. Originally I planed to build telehandler or skid steer loader from set 8067 but it got out of my hands and I’ve obtained dog… 🙂 Building instruction for this dog is already available here. I opened mini set 4916 at weekend again and built grasshopper from it. They are in Czech but speach is not important there.

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